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Ohhh I was just not that much I’m ninja xD Awww I need to take a pic with my super shirts oh wait that’s right I don’t have any D: ;_;

xDD That’s fine, I’ve been having to go to bed before…

 omg i wish we did live close we’d be lookin so fly with our super shirts on :)

we would walk on the streets….LIKE A BOSS

smile at strangers……..LIKE A BOSS

pretend to fly…….LIKE A BOSS

*laughs* i just made my self laugh xD but thanks for telling me where you got them :) yeah i knew hottopic would ive been in there and saw stuff xD but thank you *hug* your the best ^_^

Oh Rob!! You made me laugh. xDD “Smile at Strangers………LIKE A BOSS.” x333
Yeah, no problem!! *hug* You are too!! x3 Hopefully you find something you like. Even if we don’t live near each other, we can still roll around our own towns……..LIKE A BOSS.

 x3333n i love the like a boss thing xDDD

thanks kf :)im glad you found that funny xDDD *hug* :) yeah i wanna batman shirt and flash shirt 8D so it can be you and me:D wouldnt that be neat if we met….in person someday? heck yeah and also we can hug stop signs…..LIKE A BOSS :p

Yeah, that’d be awesome!! Gah!! I wish I could send some to you! We almost ALWAYS go to Kohls to get our clothes, so I almost always come home with a new Tee-shirt.

That….would be…..AWESOME. We be geeking out, talking about Superheroes or whatever, I’d take us out for ice cream. We would compare editing programs, I’d draw you pictures. We’d stay up all night chatting about random things, WITHOUT USING TUMBLR.

Someday, if I become famous enough to go to comic cons on the other side of the US, I will visit your state and buy you a pass to the con. Then our meeting will be a reality. *_*

Yeah I can see kohls being another place haha that would be cool if we could send stuff together! Yes!!!! I would totally see us do that!!!!! Though he may be surprised with my voice it’s kind of deep I hate my voice it doesn’t sound like a girl gah I hate it lol I could so see us comparing our editing programsxD but that would be awesome:) if you got famous

Mhm!! :)

Pftt. x3 I don’t care!! My voice is weird too. I get even weirder when I change my voice to tell stories and stuff. xD I’m weird though, I randomly change tones and voices, throw on accents and whatever when I talk to people. xDD

That would be WAY awesome. *_* Here’s a random question….what do YOU want to be when you get older??? :33 If all else fails, I’m becoming an orthodontist. They work very little, have great hours….good pay….plus my sister wants to be a dentist so we’d work closely and send each other our patients. xD

 yes!!! i do that too will not with stories but if im mad at my sis i mock her voice and its werid lol xDDDDDD hahaah im werid also we are werid together xDDDD

yeah *_* epicness <3333……i really have no clue i was interested in maybe being a voice actor in like cartoons but idk if i could do that:/ but i love how you and your sis have a plan its so cute :3 love it :) my sister wants to do something with fashion idk what though lol :P

xD Yes, us and our weirdness. xDD

Oh, cool!! I wanted to voice act too!! :D :D :D I had this idea a while back where we could edit the Batgirl comics and add voice overs to make it like a motion comic (lol, minus the motion!).  It wouldn’t be too hard to do, zoom in on the appropriate panels and such. But if you wanted to, we could voice-act that together and get experience!!! I sent you the first 11 issues of Batgirl, right? If you have them, look them over and see if there’s a character you want to do. We can have try-outs for them. xDD
I’m pretty sure I can rope my brother into doing the guy voices, like for Batman or Commissioner Gordon… he wants to be a VA as well…. xDD
Asdfghjkl, ramble, sorry!! I just got really excited there. ^_^ If  you don’t want to do that, that’s fine.  I mean, you have to have a webcam or microphone and I think you said on the SoJ forum that you didn’t have one….hmmm….

Ha-ha, fashion?? Interesting. ^_^
I’m sure whatever you do you’ll be good at it though!! You always seem to try the hardest to succeed with everything you do. :3

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