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YJ Fic request!! :D

If you take on this request, I will vid for you whatever you want. (Within reason of course!! ;^^) Or I suppose I could draw you something, I did just get myself a new Tablet. :D

ANYWAY! Here is the request:

Artemis notices Robin’s crush on Zatanna and with the help of Wally (since he’s Robin’s best friend and bound to know the Boy Wonder better than she would.) they get the two youngest teens to either go out on a date-type thing or simply spend some ALONE time together, with the main point of the story being Arty and Wally playing match-maker without Robin and Zatanna knowing(or do they…? It’s up to you!) Couples would be Spitfire and Rob/Zee, obviously. ;^^

I want to attempt a fic of my own, but I’m horrible at finishing fics I start, and while I will be writing my own, I don’t know how far along I’ll get. Besides, I love reading other people’s more amazing writings. I think that my “talent” is more directed at drawing/vidding anyway. ;_;

So yeah!! If anyone writes this up for me, I will be eternally grateful and indebted to you. ;A;

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