You can call me Nayney, Laney, or Eleni

20 | Cis | Chica | USA

College student studying animation. Working to be a sequential artist, hoping to make it in the comic industry. I'm more of a traditional artist, though I'm trying to get better at the digital stuff.




Robin: Batman was serious about us cleaning this place up, you guys.
Wally: Are you kidding? Like he cleans the Batcave. That’s why you guys have a butler!
Kaldur: Robin is right. We have all slacked off a little on any clean up around here…
Artemis: Yeah, if “we” you mean Wally. He should just clean it all up, it’d take him like ten seconds.
M’gann: It’s ok, I’ll clean the kitchen. I’m the only one who makes it messy in there.
Wally: You think she’d let me help her in the kitchen?
Artemis: … Come on Megan. I’ll help you in the kitchen.
M’gann: Thank you Artemis!

For jncera who wanted the team arguing about doing chores. I hope it’s ok! D:

Hahahaa LOVE IT! You’re amazing as always :) Thanks! And seriously, it would only take Wally about 10 seconds to zoom around and clean everything. Too bad he’s just lazy.

LOL!! This is amazing! Never stop being so darn awesome, sweet-tart.